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1.1. What is your University?
3.3. My senior management provide me with the resources necessary to do the best job I can for the students
4.4. The way that my senior management calculate my working hours leaves me sufficient time to support students
5.5. My institution gives me enough time to be able to support my students’ needs
6.6. My senior management positively impacts how I can support my students
7.7. I don't get enough time to prepare teaching
8.8. I have sufficient time in my workload to prepare good quality student feedback
9.9. My senior management enables me to support students
10.10. NSS and/or module feedback scores are being used ethically to encourage the best performance of staff
11.11. My senior management allow me freedom to pursue a research agenda that I believe is important
12.12. My senior managers are sympathetic to the competing pressures of REF and student support
13.13. The pressure I experience to bring income into my Department negatively affects my students
14.14. My university enables me to support my local community
15.15. We employ academic staff on zero hour contracts at my university
16.16. We employ non-academic staff on zero hour contracts at my university
17.17. I believe my senior managers work hard
18.18. I believe my senior managers deserve the salaries that they are paid
19.19. My senior management have sold university properties/campuses in the last five years.
20.20. My senior managers are taking steps to reduce the number of staff on short term and insecure teaching contracts at my university
21.21. To the best of my knowledge, my senior management favour trying to hold down tuition fees
22.22. Pressure to reach REF and other publication targets negatively affects my wellbeing
23.23. My senior management provides resources to support my wellbeing at work
24.24. Senior managers in my institution encourage a supportive working environment.
25.25. The physical environment in which I work is unsafe
26.26. My working environment has a negative impact on my wellbeing
27.27. I feel respected and valued by my senior management
28.28. I regularly have to work evenings and/or weekends in order to fulfill my academic roles
29.29. My senior management supports all employees equitably
30.30. My senior management communicates changes effectively
31.31. Progression processes are transparent
32.32. I have access to specialised equipment, facilities and rooms when I need them
33.33. I am satisfied with the way my university is managed
38.38. Please state the type of contract you have